We’re In This Together


During my solo days in Puerto Vallarta, I flirted with both extremes – adventure filled moments and relaxing hours of bliss. One of my “adventure filled moments” consisted of taking a trip through the Sierra Madre mountains only to find a sweet surprise. It literally was sweet.

Let me explain further.

On this specific day, my destination was  San Sebastián del Oeste. But we’ve all heard the Tumblr quote, “It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.” Well in this case, the saying rings true. Although San Sebastián was a beautiful destination, the journey of getting there was an experience all on its own. On my way up the mountain was a small bakery off the side of the road – see what I mean by sweet surprise?

The bakery smelled of freshly-baked bread mixed with freshly-made fruit jam. As I made my way through their beautiful inventory of delicious goodness, I started speaking to one of the ladies working the bakery. After exchanging a few sentences, I learned that she once lived in Oakland (a city not far from where I currently live.) She shared that her kids still live in California while she made a decision to move back to her home state of Jalisco. Now, her days are spent at the very bakery where I met her.

Upon leaving the bakery, not only was I sent off with freshly baked pan dulce and cookies, but I was reminded just how small of a world we live in. Sure, our world has its differences in culture, language, food, and experiences, but somehow – some way – we are all connected; we’re all in this together. Life, I mean.

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