Sterile, Spotless, Singapore

Singapore is an impressive city—or nation, whatever you want to call it. The first thing I noticed when arriving was how clean the city was. Quickly, I learned that not only does it look spotless, but the people of Singapore put effort in maintaining its cleanliness.

I once missed the trash can and someone almost immediately picked it up for me to properly throw it in the trash can. That is a rarity—maybe even unheard of—in the U.S.

Overall, Singapore showed me a good time. And good food. It’s been a few weeks now since I went. I’m trying to remember everything I did there, but honestly there wasn’t anything really special about the city. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful city. But I don’t think I connected with it enough for me to absolutely love the place.

Regardless, let me share with you some of the highlights:

Chicken Rice.. actually the food in general

The food in Singapore is not only delicious, but insanely affordable. The portions are forgiving and the price probably half of what food normally cost in the U.S.This was my favorite place that I ate it. The chicken rice here was… let’s just say I’m crying inside right now with the thought of possibly never having that meal again.

Tian Tian inside of Maxwell Center near Chinatown


Public Transit

I keep reiterating how clean this city is and that also pertains to its public transit. I’m not surprised though. There is absolutely no drinking or eating on any of the trains or buses. I’m a fan of Singapore’s public transit because it’s super easy to use, clean (OK that’s the last time I say that), and it can take you literally anywhere in the city.

My parents riding the public transit in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

I had the pleasure of watching “A Journey Through Asia”. Gardens by the Bay is basically this giant outdoor garden. There’s a spot in the park where you can enjoy a show where these giant flower-like objects light up along with the music. It’s magical. The show I got to see showcased a number of songs in different languages spoken throughout Asia. There was a Tagalog song in there too which I thought was cool.

Gardens by the Bay at night

This is a snippet of the show:

Haji Lane

I stumbled upon this place after reading about it on someone’s blog. What caught my attention was the narrow and colorful streets–it’s any Instagrammer’s dream come true. Another thing about Haji Lane are the small shops. If shopping is an interest of yours, then Haji Lane is definitely for you. Personally, I didn’t do much shopping in Singapore, but I did get a spontaneous hair cut at a salon in Haji Lane.

Hanging out in Haji Lane after a spontaneous haircut
Hanging out in Haji Lane after a spontaneous haircut


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