Thoughts of a Solo Traveler, In-Flight Edition

Traveling solo comes with pros and cons, as most things in life do. I’m really noticing it now as I’m sitting in this plane, waiting for my flight to Boracay. Families, couples, and friends taking selfies and laughing with each other. And I’m here. Sitting, alone, book in hand, waiting to take off. I’m beginning to question myself, “why do I like solo adventures?”

I mean, it can get pretty lonely right?

But that’s the beauty of it. Seeking comfort in yourself (without depending on anyone else) is a rarity in this life. Most of our lives, we’re surrounded by people. The moments of solitude remind us that it’s okay to be alone. Sometimes, being alone is fun.

I didn’t always have this mentality. Over the past year I’ve learned to embrace this whole “solo” nonsense. Except, it’s not nonsense.

You see, I think life is crazy–and as it should be. I’m a person who likes to devote a huge chunk of my time and energy in work, in school, for projects, and for people around me that sometimes I forget to take step back and evaluate my surroundings. Solo time allows me to do exactly that.

There are so many lessons that come out of traveling solo. Learning how to slow down, just like what I’m doing now, is only one of them.

Hmm, I may just get a lot of writing done on this short split adventure of mine.

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