We’re In This Together

  During my solo days in Puerto Vallarta, I flirted with both extremes – adventure filled moments and relaxing hours of bliss. One of my “adventure filled moments” consisted of taking a trip through the Sierra Madre mountains only to find a sweet surprise. It literally was sweet.

Ati Atihan Festival

When traveling, an advantage of knowing locals is finding where all the fun, non-touristy activities are. That’s exactly what happened here. The Ati Atihan festival in Kalibo was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Granted, I had very little idea on what the festival was about so I started the day with no expectations. … More Ati Atihan Festival

Thoughts of a Solo Traveler, In-Flight Edition

Traveling solo comes with pros and cons, as most things in life do. I’m really noticing it now as I’m sitting in this plane, waiting for my flight to Boracay. Families, couples, and friends taking selfies and laughing with each other. And I’m here. Sitting, alone, book in hand, waiting to take off. I’m beginning … More Thoughts of a Solo Traveler, In-Flight Edition